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Dat Stow Bag Dare

by Da Rivah


It's a farm shop, and your 1-stop shop for All Things mudbug, boiling supplies, pots, burners

and the famous

Hylle Crawfish

Mudbug Apparel!!!


We carry all Louisiana Fish Fry products, and even the platters for your boil.

Our seasoning line features a wide variety of crawfish boil choices. Shrimp fry and fish fry are very poplar.

We even have gumbo

and etouffe mixes for

your convenience.

Don't forget the sauce!!!

Hylle's custom-designed shirts and hoodies are very poplar. Get yours here, online, or at Mohr Sports in Wynne, AR.

Our pots and burners are available here and the boys will be glad to guide you through

the process

for perfect


every time.


We even have a Mudbug

just for the kids.

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