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Workin' on da farm


Hylle Crawfish is a family owned operation. All members of the Hylle family have important roles in the day-to-day activities. With over 175 acres of crawfish ponds to maintain, there is plenty of work to go around.

The day begins by checking the 3,000 crawfish traps

from one of three custom designed boats from Louisiana

(these ain’t no pirogues ‘pee rows’). The boats have wheels on them and will run on land, in the mud, or in the water.

Once the crawfish are caught, they are returned to the shop and hand sorted. The petit (small) crawfish are returned back to the ponds.

The impurities are cleaned out of the crawfish using a process called purging. At the end of this process, the crawfish are weighed and bagged to sell.

This is the daily routine until season's end.

The crawfish start to burrow into the mud, going as far as 8 feet. Toward the end of the season, the catch dwindles and the shells

start to harden. This is Mother Nature's way

of sayin, "See ya next year!"

We do this through the entire season. Crawfish season usually runs from March to early July.